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gift ideas for tween boy

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Tween Boy

Are you in need of Christmas gift ideas for your tween boy? Is yours as difficult to shop for as mine is?

Gone are the days when a Hot Wheels car from the dollar store would keep him entertained for hours. Now it is all about electronics, which of course aren’t cheap.

Surprisingly, this year I was quite happy about the gift ideas I came up with. If you need some ideas for your tween boy I have 7 of them for you.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Tween Boy

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Gift Idea #1: Keychain with a spare house key

Is your son a Harry Potter fan? I found this Deathly Hallows Pewter keychain that I thought would be a big hit.

I think this is a great idea for any tween boy who is due for a spare key to the house.

Gift Idea #2: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deck Building Game

I love finding cooperative games to play with my kids. You know how kids can be when they lose!

I am not the type of parent to let my kids win just so that they don’t throw a fit. Having cooperative games to play helps prevent that from happening.

It is even better since this is a Harry Potter game!

Gift Idea #3: Fortnite Pajamas

What tween boy is not obsessed with Fortnite?! (Consider yourself very lucky if yours isn’t!)

Gift Idea #4: Desk/Gamer Chair

This chair is awesome if your son is in need of a comfortable desk chair. Whether it is to work on schoolwork or sit in to play video games.

I was in need of a desk chair so I bought one for myself first (in purple). Then I ended up buying one (blue) as a gift for my husband because he thought mine was so comfortable.

Our son has one of those cheap desk chairs, so we wanted to get something nicer for him and ordered the green one (his favorite color) for Christmas this year.

Gift Idea #5: Kindle E-reader + Case

Have a tween boy who loves to read? Want them to have access to a lot of books without having to worry about how to physically store them? Then a Kindle E-reader is the perfect gift!

I bought one for my son for Christmas and I think he is going to get a lot of use out of it.

Not only does it keep from having to store physical books, but it also allows him to access a new book in no time without having to physically go to a store or wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Gift Idea #6: Amazon Kindle Gift Card

Like the idea of the Kindle E-reader? Maybe your son already has one.

Either way, they need money to purchase books on it, so get them an Amazon Kindle Gift Card!

What is nice is that you can get an e-card and do not have to go to a physical store! (Online shopping all the way, am I right?!)

Gift Idea #7: Tablet Pillow

Does your son have a tablet? If not, is he getting one for Christmas?

I had never known about this product before, so when I saw it I knew I had to get one for my son.

I think this is a great gift because they can comfortably watch their YouTube videos without worrying about dropping their tablets on their faces!

The struggle is real when it comes to buying gifts for tween boys. I hope this list was helpful to you and makes it easier for you to decide what to get your tween boy for Christmas this year.

Gift Ideas for Tween Boy

Do you plan on picking up any of these gifts this Christmas?

Please share with anyone else you know who needs Christmas gift ideas for their tween boy!

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18 thoughts on “7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Tween Boy”

  1. We’re almost to the tween stage and have already noticed our son doesn’t want a whole lot. We don’t do video games or much screen time so I love some of the other ideas you have! The spare key with that key chain is super unique idea and I’m sure would make a tween boy feel very independent!

    1. athomewithmykiddos

      It gets to the point where eventually you just end up giving them money or gift cards. What kind of things does your son enjoy doing? I would love it if my son had less screen time, but he is lacking in hobbies. He isn’t interested in sports, so it is difficult to find things that will keep him occupied.

    1. athomewithmykiddos

      I’m so glad you found some helpful ideas JK! Hope your nephew enjoyed what you got for him. Happy Holidays 🙂

  2. Great ideas! I love how there’s a variety. The chair can be the “big gift” and there are enough medium and smaller gifts to where I could literally buy everything here and be done. So thanks!

    1. athomewithmykiddos

      I am so glad you enjoyed the ideas Jamie! This is all based on what I got my son for Christmas this year. My plan is exactly as you said, the chair is his main gift and then he has the other stuff. I was amazed at how quickly I got it figured out and got my shopping done for him. He is usually the last one I buy for because it is often so difficult to determine what to get for him that he’ll actually enjoy and use.

    1. athomewithmykiddos

      Thanks Yvette! I am so glad that you enjoyed the ideas. I agree with you that reading is extremely important, especially for kids. I have a Kindle myself because I love reading. I am really grateful that my son loves to read as much as I do. He goes through books quickly, so I figured the Kindle would be a great gift since it allows him access to so many books.

    1. athomewithmykiddos

      You are very welcome Sarah! I am so glad that you enjoyed the gift ideas and plan on utilizing them. What gift idea catches your eye the most?

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