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Meal Plan for the Week

Meal Plan for the Week: 7 Great Dinner Ideas

What are you having for dinner tonight? You have no idea, do you? That’s because you didn’t meal plan for the week!

Meal planning is essential when you have a family.

If you don’t meal plan then you end up struggling and feeling stressed every night.

You have to listen to everyone complaining how hungry they are and then more than likely you end up getting take out.

There goes at least $20 that wasn’t necessary to spend.

Believe me, I know because I’ve been there.

Since becoming a family of 4 meal planning is a must.

Do you have a family to feed but don't know what to make for dinner tonight? Here are 7 great dinner ideas from my meal plan for the week.

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If you would like some ideas for dinners, here is my meal plan for the week:

My Meal Plan for 1/11 – 1/17


  • Zuppa Toscana (Tuscan Soup) – My family absolutely loves this recipe! Even my 4-year old daughter who is a picky eater devoured her entire bowl of soup!
  • Garlic Tuscan Bread – We get this from the bakery at our local grocery store and it is SO good!


  • Slow-Cooked Superior Meatloaf – This is a very easy recipe that I originally found on the box for Lipton Onion Soup Mix.
  • Mashed Potatoes – We used instant mashed potatoes to make it easier, but you can always make your own in the Instant Pot!
  • Corn


  • Skinny Orange Chicken – The sauce was really good, but for some reason, the chicken came out a bit tough. I think it might be because I bought the chicken that was already diced. We plan on making it again, but use full chicken breasts and shred it.
  • Riced Cauliflower – We use this to substitute for rice all of the time and love it!



  • French Toast Rollups – This ended up being a bit of a hassle to make at first, but ended up being worth it. The whole family gobbled them up, including my picky 4-year old!
  • Sausage/Bacon


  • Lightened Up Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff – I cannot even remember the last time I had Beef Stroganoff. I am confident that it will be good since it is made in the Instant Pot. My son is super excited about this dinner!
  • Bread & Butter
  • Green Beans


  • Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Pita Pizzas – The recipe is for Air Fryer Pepperoni Pita Pizzas, but you could change the toppings to be whatever you want. Looking forward to trying this on Friday!


Are you meal planning for the week and need ideas for dinners? Here is my weekly dinner menu to help inspire you.

If you don’t meal plan already, then I highly suggest that you do. It makes life so much easier, especially when you are a mom.

I hope my meal plan for the week inspired you and gave you some ideas for your own meal plan.

Let me know if you try out any of the recipes that I have mentioned!

What are some of your favorite dinner recipes?

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12 thoughts on “Meal Plan for the Week: 7 Great Dinner Ideas”

  1. I always have so much trouble coming up with ideas for meals throughout the week. Thanks for sharing some ideas and tips. I really need to get better at meal planning.

  2. My family meal preps and we are always on the hunt for delicious healthy foods. I’m eager to try your recommendations, especially the meatloaf. I have one that we love, but it’s made in the oven.

    1. I am a very lazy mom in terms of thinking what to give for lunch or dinner. Thanks for giving the options we all can make. I l definitely try these .

  3. What a great list! I’m always struggling to come up with family friendly meal ideas so I appreciate you sharing. Going to save for later ❤️

  4. Meal planning is so important for reducing stress and chaos! I usually know exactly what I’m making for dinner on the nights that we’re eating in; otherwise, everyone gets hungry and cranky – especially mom, and NO ONE wants that!

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